Pest Control Services

Residents of southwest Florida may well believe this region is the bug capital of the world.  These insects often find a way to invade our homes, leaving many frustrated and at their wit’s end trying to keep them out.

If you find yourself dealing with spiders, roaches, ants or other insects, it’s time to give Well’s Termite & Pest Control a call. We offer a variety of interior pest control programs based on your needs: annually, quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly.

We schedule based on your needs and are available to offer a number of tips and suggestions for preventive care and maintenance between visits. We’ll come out as often as you need us to, even between scheduled visits because we want to ensure your satisfaction.

We use the most advanced pesticides specific to the problem you’re having. When it comes to interior pest control, we’ve got you covered.

Pest Control Services – Keep Invaders Out

Well’s Termite & Pest Control helps protect your home from a number of pests year-round. For over 25 years, we’ve been protecting homes and business properties from unwanted pests and insects in southwest Florida’s tropical environment.

Our proactive services are not only convenient, but environmentally friendly, and most importantly, proactive. It’s important to prevent an invasion before it starts.

  • Did you know that the saliva, degraded parts of dead insects, and cockroach feces eventually disintegrate into dust, settling into floorboards and carpeting that can trigger allergies or worsen respiratory conditions?

Thorough inspections are the first step in interrupting reproductive cycles of insects and rodents. 

Take Control of Pests Before They Take Control of Your Home 

From your crawl spaces to your attic, Well’s Termite & Pest Control utilizes innovative approaches to treatment applications based on season and type of pest you’re dealing with.  Interior pest control may utilize one or more types of application that includes but is not limited to:

  • Powder applications (from attic to crawl space) – covering entries and exits along baseboards, electrical wall plates, overhead fixtures, and window and door frames.
  • Baits – ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as an effective treatment for ants and cockroaches, which are attracted to damp, moist spaces.
  • Liquid Treatments – effective for darker spaces where pests like to hide such as closets and cupboards.
  • Monitoring stations – proactive trapping of insects throughout the home. These stations also provide us with valuable information regarding the activity and preferences of the insects that have made their way into your home.

Your home is your castle. It’s no place for insects or pests that manage to get in from outside. 

Our specialists are experts at finding even the tiniest cracks that enable access and take care of them. Left untreated, pests can leave behind harmful waste and toxins that can contribute to accumulation of pathogens inside the home, contaminate surfaces, and infest food products.

Don’t let pests invade your space. Give us a call today. Ask about our “Inside/Out” program by calling Well’s Termite & Pest Control at (239)369-5575. Don’t wait. Take steps to eradicate pests sooner rather than later.

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