Lawn Care Service

When you hire a lawn care service, you want the best in expertise and professionalism. With over 25 years’ experience, Well’s Termite & Pest Control provides the knowledge you need to care for and maintain your lawn in southwest Florida’s tropical climate. Our region challenges lawn care needs and maintenance for home and business owners due to:

  • Invasive insects
  • Numerous weed species (prevalently broadleaf, sedge, and crabgrass)
  • Heat and Humidity
  • Drought
  • Poor water and nutrient retention

Taking care of your lawn in southwest Florida is a year-round challenge, but we’re here to help. Timing is everything when it comes to use of the type of fertilizers and nutrients your lawn requires, in addition to the use of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Early detection is vital in our climate. The University of Florida recommends checking lawns for insect damage every 7 to 10 days in our warmer months and every two weeks in winter months!

Well’s Lawn Care Service – Make Your Lawn the Envy of the Neighborhood

Our lawn care services include everything from choosing the right types of fertilizers to lawn pest control programs and expert use of insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides that work best in our climate to control pests, above-ground and below-ground such as:

  • Fire ants
  • Sod Web Worms and Armyworms
  • Chinch bugs
  • Grubs
  • Mole Crickets
  • Broadleaf Weeds
  • Grassy Weeds such as Sedge and Crabgrass
  • Lawn diseases such as Grey Leaf Spot fungus, Dollar Spot fungus, Brown Patch fungus, and more

Drought, lack of adequate fertilization, insects, and disease infestations have the potential to destroy your lawn in a surprisingly short time. So can weeds. Most people don’t think of weeds or fungus as pests, but they’re just as destructive as insects. Southwest Florida’s tropical climate invites a number of lawn pest issues that we take care of.

Don’t let pests or weeds take over your lawn. Well’s Termite & Pest Control lawn care services offer clients a wide variety of lawn care treatment programs to protect your property and encourage healthy and vibrant lawn growth.

Did you know that following treatment, bare or brown spots are actually a good sign that weeds are dying out, leaving your grass more space to grow!

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with exemplary service when it comes to lawn pest control and general lawn care services.  Our technicians are trained in the latest technologies, tools and equipment, and safe usage of chemicals that are most effective for your lawn care needs. We also provide proper disposal of such chemicals so you don’t have to. 

Well’s lawn care services provide protection, maintenance, and long-term health of your lawn against drought, infestation, or disease. We customize our treatment programs based on individual need, whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner or manager.

Your Well’s Termite & Pest Control specialist will offer a number of tips and suggestions for care between scheduled visits. We’ll come out as often as needed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

For more information about Well’s Termite & Pest Control and lawn care services and the locations we serve, call us today at (239)369-5575.


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